Postcards From Across the Pond

I started this blog in 2001, as I prepared to depart for my new life in the UK. It was filled with my impressions of Great Britain and the marvelous new experiences I was having.

I managed to milk three books out of it before I gave up being a professional expatriate.

These days, it’s filled with more mundane musings, but I still strive to make them entertaining, amusing and, occasionally, informative.

The Patriarch Diaries

The idea for this blog came to me in 2012, when I was suddenly promoted to Patriarch of my small, but growing, family. So now, in June 2020, I am finally getting around to it.

The goal is to collect whatever comes out of this blog and collate it into a privately produced book for my grandchildren, thereby giving them a taste of life before Netflix, iPads and on-demand television.

Whether they want it or not.